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Do not use email to send us confidential or sensitive information such as passwords, account numbers or social security numbers. If you need to provide this type of information, contact us by phone, fax or regular mail.

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Debit Card Transaction Monitoring

We provide additional security monitoring for "out of the ordinary" transactions for all Berkshire Bank debit cards.
If you will be using your debit card while traveling or are planning any "out of the ordinary" purchases, please call our Customer Call Center at 800-773-5601, Monday-Friday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm or Saturdays between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm. We will provide this information to our Fraud Prevention Services team in order to prevent your card from being blocked due to "out of the ordinary" transactions.
Our Fraud Prevention Services Team may at times block certain states, countries or merchant types if there has been an increase in reported fraudulent activity in those locations.
Important … If you have trouble using your card as a signature based transaction, you should be able to complete your transaction using your PIN. Always carry a back-up payment source in case your card is blocked due to suspected fraudulent activity.
Monitor your accounts online using online banking or review your monthly statement on a regular and timely basis. Notify us immediately if you discover any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Did you know? That Berkshire Bank offers free debit card alerts via online banking!!

These alerts can be used to safeguard your accounts and can be sent to you via text message instantly based on the criteria of your choosing.

The following categories are available:

  • Transaction at or above $____ processed
  • Card Transaction declined
  • Card Status Changed
  • International transaction processed
  • Out-of-State transition processed
  • Card not present transaction processed

Along with our free transaction monitoring service; use 1 or combine as many alerts as you wish for the ultimate in fraud protection for all of your card purchases.

E-Mail alerts are also available

*Alerts are not always guaranteed as immediate, customers should continually monitor their accounts for fraudulent activity

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